Alcohol Issues

At SAB, alcohol abuse is an issue that forms a strong part of our responsibility programmes. We implement plans that look at socio-economic challenges in local communities, including sustainably addressing alcohol abuse in our country. We believe that a collaborative approach is required to effectively address the issues and we’re constantly working towards this.

Six Principles on Alcohol

  1. Our beer adds to the enjoyment of life
  2. We are concerned about the harmful effects of irresponsible consumption
  3. We work with stakeholders to address irresponsible consumption
  4. Alcohol is meant for enjoyment by adults only; adults must use discretion in determining how much is enough
  5. Providing accurate and balanced information to consumers is of great importance
  6. Our employees are expected to maintain high levels of conduct with regards to alcohol consumption
Alcohol Issues

You Decide: the campaign...

Mon Feb 24 2014

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Alcohol Issues

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Mon Jan 27 2014

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Alcohol Issues

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Alcohol Issues

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Thu Nov 28 2013

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Alcohol Issues

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Tue Nov 5 2013

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Alcohol Issues
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